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Who is Mashauri for?

Startup companies

Any entrepreneur around the world starting scalable businesses.
Often technology-based but we support non-digital startups too.

How does it work?


Our acceleration programmes guide founders along the path to a successful business. The programmes support you with training and tools based on lean startup and other best practices.

Business Plan
& Tools

There are many tools that are useful in developing your business. Mashauri incorporates the best of these tools including an entrepreneur-designed project management tool.


Our real live mentors will support you
throughout all the steps of the program. They are among the best and the brightest
entrepreneurial minds in the world


Mashauri provides a community where you can interact with other entrepreneurs, founders, investors and mentors. Whether you are looking to validate a product idea, test a price point, find an informal advisory board or even find a co-founder, the Mashauri community is the best place to do it.

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