Early stage funding

This mentor-supported programme is designed to assist ventures who require early stage funding from angel investors or seed-stage VC's.

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Steps in the programme


To prepare a venture to pitch for, and receive funding from an early stage investor.
Activities will include:
• Develop a financial forecast
• Estimate current funding requirements
• Value the venture and scalability assessment
• Forecast future funding, exit, dilution and cap tables
• Investigate similar cases
• Assess your requirements from investor
• Understand likely financial structures
• Describe your desired terms and conditions
• Identify and investigate potential investors
• Network and investor approach
• Develop pitch deck
• Assess investment readiness
• Pitch review and training
• Due diligence preparation
• Negotiation training and support
• Ongoing review and support

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Designed for

• Founders with a proven concept who require funds for growth and development
• Investors who wish for a potential investee to be prepared for funding.

Crowd funding is excluded form this module. Although it can be classed as early stage funding, it is a very different process. Module soon to be developed.


A relatively small (less than 1%) of ventures ever receive funding from angels or VC's. The benefit of this course is it will offer you a good idea as to the likelihood of getting funding (so you will not waste a ton of time seeking it) and, if there is some probability of receiving funds, it will help you to be well-prepared to source, negotiate and win the funding you require.

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