Startup Surgery

The Mashauri programme that is aimed at assisting startups that have been running for a while, but where the founders believe they need assistance in re-focusing, reviving or resuscitating the operation.

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Steps in the programme


To assess the status of the venture and agree the necessary steps to move it back “on track” to achieve its targets.
This will include:
• Review of purpose and objectives
• Assessment of status re the startup process
• Assess skill-set of founders and employees in relation to required competencies
• Review progress and learning to date
• Review and refine underlying business model
• Assessing financial runway against requirements
• Develop an immediate plan of action within a longer-term process
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Designed for

Ventures which are already under development but where the founders have concerns about the likelihood of success of the business. Symptoms of such ventures might appear in a number of ways, for instance: a list of to-do’s that is impossible to achieve, lack of finance to reach a positive cash flow, a sense that the original idea is not viable or simply a sense of lack of clear direction.


If the venture has a chance of survival, you will receive the necessary advice and support to undertake the turnaround. This might be anything from a simple re-focus on priorities through to a major pivot.

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